Design a Custom Headcover

Super Custom Styles

Welcome to the Super Custom Center…Sketching expertise not required!

Because every headcover we make is hand-knitted from a ball of yarn, we can pretty much make anything you can imagine.  Most of our golfers prefer the classic single color sleeve with stripes - and our virtual headcover designer handles those styles.  But if you're thinking more of a one-of-a-kind design, our knitters can do it - even if our virtual designer can't.

If you have an eye for the unconventional, just hand sketch what you have in mind and fax or scan it to us along with your contact information.  We will call you to go over the details and make sure we have everything the way you want it.  Then we'll start knitting!

Fax your sketch to (773) 278-8366.  Or scan it and email to