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Johnny Manziel and Jan Craig Headcovers



Johnny Manziel is featured on the Dec. 2014 cover of Golf Digest magazine with his Jan Craig headcovers. Here are some quotes from the photo shoot.

"I want it to be a game I can play forever. That was the one selling point that was always huge. When I was 12 years old, and I'd hear people say golf was a game you could play forever, I didn't really think much of it. Now I'm really glad I learned how to play when I was a kid."

"The next goal is for Dad and me to somehow get to play Augusta National. I'm pretty sure that playing Augusta and walking my sister down the aisle are the only two things left on my dad's bucket list."

"If I'm playing in a tournament, I'm probably going to shoot somewhere between a 79 and 84. My goal every time is to break 80. I'm about a 7- or 8-handicap right now."

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